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8 Best App Lockers for Android You Can Use

8 Best App Lockers for Android You Can Use

In today’s digital age, our phones contain a wealth of sensitive and personal information. From financial data to private photos and messages, it’s important to keep prying eyes out. This is where app lockers come in handy.

App lockers allow you to password protect individual apps on your Android device. So you can safely lock away sensitive apps like your gallery, social media, messages, emails, and more. This ensures that no one can access those apps and the data within without knowing the password.

There are many great app lockers available for Android. Here are the 8 best app lockers you can use to lock apps on your Android device:

1. Norton App Lock

Norton App Lock is a highly secure app locker from the reputed Norton antivirus brand. It uses an advanced AES 256 bit encryption to lock apps.

Some highlighted features include:

  • Password protect unlimited apps
  • Prevent unauthorized uninstalling of locked apps
  • Intruder selfie feature captures picture of unauthorized user
  • Cloud backup to restore locks
  • Customizable lock screen themes

Norton App Lock is free to use with optional in-app purchases. It works flawlessly and provides robust protection for your sensitive apps.

2. CM AppLock

CM AppLock is a popular app lock application with over 100 million downloads. It provides a swift and convenient way to lock apps with PIN, pattern or fingerprint.

Notable features include:

  • Lock almost any app on your device
  • Multiple lock modes: pattern, PIN, fingerprint
  • Random keyboard protection against keylogging
  • Stealth mode to hide locked apps
  • Private gallery within the app

CM AppLock is completely free to use with optional in-app purchases. It’s easy to use and enables quick app locking on your Android.

3. AppLock

AppLock by DoMobile Lab is one of the most downloaded app lock apps on Android. It provides complete privacy protection alongside other useful tools.

Key highlights:

  • Lock apps using PIN, pattern or fingerprint
  • Private gallery to hide photos
  • Browser with private bookmarks
  • Intruder detection with fake app overlay
  • Recover password using email

AppLock is free to download with some advanced features requiring paid upgrades. It’s a neat all-in-one solution for locking apps securely.

4. App Locker

App Locker by Superior is a no-frills app locking utility for Android. It lets you quickly set up a PIN or pattern to lock your apps.

Core features:

  • Easy PIN or pattern locks for apps
  • Lock photos and videos
  • Fake cover for locked apps
  • Block incoming calls from strangers
  • Customizable themes

App Locker is completely free to download and use. If you want a simple app locker without too many extra features, App Locker is a good choice.

5. Smart AppLock

Smart AppLock is a highly customizable app locking app for Android. It provides great control over how you can lock apps and secure your phone.

Some key features:

  • Lock apps with PIN, pattern, fingerprint
  • Stealth mode hides locked apps
  • Custom cover for locked apps
  • Intruder selfies and real-time alerts
  • Multi-user support for family/friends

Smart AppLock is free to download with in-app purchases. It’s great if you want many customization options for locking your apps.

6. AppLocker

AppLocker by Superior lets you quickly lock apps using PIN or pattern locks. It has a clean and straightforward interface for a pleasant user experience.

Notable features:

  • Lightweight app with smooth performance
  • Lock apps using PIN, pattern or fingerprint
  • Prevent uninstallation of locked apps
  • Fake cover icon for privacy
  • Custom themes for app locker screen

AppLocker is completely free to use with no ads. It’s perfect if you want a fast and hassle-free app locking experience.

7. Priv AppLock

Priv AppLock comes with a wide array of features for securely locking apps. It has options for hiding notifications for locked apps and making emergency calls from the lock screen.

Key features:

  • Lock apps and photos
  • Fingerprint unlock
  • Incognito browser
  • Hidden notifications for locked apps
  • Emergency calls from lock screen
  • Custom themes

Priv AppLock is free to download with in-app purchases. It’s great for users who want deep privacy protection and extra features beyond just locking apps.

8. MaxLock

MaxLock offers a complete suite of features from app locking to useful tools like cleaner, booster, viewer, and more.

Some top features:

  • Lock Facebook, WhatsApp and other apps
  • App lock with fingerprint or pattern
  • Gallery lock with private viewer
  • CPU cooler and booster
  • Junk cleaner
    -Custom themes

MaxLock is a versatile app locker packed with many useful tools. The free version has ads, but it provides great functionality for protecting app privacy.

These are the top 8 app lockers you can use to lock away and secure your Android apps. Each app locker has its own advantages, depending on your needs.

Norton App Lock and CM AppLock are great choices if you want robust and reliable app locking from trusted brands. AppLock, App Locker, and AppLocker are also excellent free options for quickly locking apps in a few taps.

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More advanced users who want deeper customizations can opt for Smart AppLock, Priv AppLock or MaxLock. Evaluate your specific needs to pick the best app locker for protecting your Android device!

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