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How to get Instagram Wrapped 2023

How to get Instagram Wrapped 2023

Instagram Wrapped has become one of the most popular end-of-year traditions for content creators and their audiences. This annual recap allows influencers to showcase their top content from the past year while engaging with their followers. If you want to fully experience IG Wrapped, here is a guide to help you make the most of this creative event.

Get Familiar with Instagram Wrapped

For those new to IG Wrapped, it is an exhibition of the best Instagram content from influencers, artists, photographers, and more. IG Wrapped creatively displays each user’s top 9 posts in a digital gallery. It started as a grassroots trend but is now an official Instagram feature.

Follow the Official IG Wrapped Account

To stay up to date on all things IG Wrapped, make sure to follow the official IG Wrapped account on Instagram. This account posts announcements, spotlights creators, and shares event updates. Following this profile enables you to get notifications so you never miss breaking IG Wrapped news.

Turn on Post Notifications

In addition to following the IG Wrapped account, you should turn on post notifications. This way, anytime new content is shared to the IG Wrapped page, you will receive an alert. Staying on top of updates ensures you are among the first to know about special activations and programming.

Explore the Hashtags

Influencers and guests at IG Wrapped use designated hashtags to share content from the event. Keep an eye out for these official hashtags each year, and click through to see photos, videos, illustrations and more. Using the hashtags introduces you to new artists and perspectives.

Participate in Interactive Elements

One of the best parts of IG Wrapped is the interactive components that allow attendees to engage with the event. Be on the lookout for collaborative art projects, social media challenges, Q&As with artists, livestreams and more.

Attend Virtual Panels and Workshops

The virtual events of IG Wrapped often include educational sessions like panels and workshops where creators share their skills, tips and stories. Listen in to learn about how these artists honed their craft and found success on Instagram.

A major appeal of IG Wrapped is the opportunity to interact with talented Instagrammers from around the world. Be sure to actively follow and engage with the creators spotlighted each year. Like and comment on their posts, and use IG Wrapped to form new connections.

Share Your Own IG Wrapped Recap

Part of the fun of IG Wrapped is creating your own recap video or gallery to share with your own followers. Lean into your creative side to produce an engaging recap highlighting your best content from the year. Use the designated hashtags so your audience can discover new creators.

Crucial Tips for Maximizing Your IG Wrapped Experience

Approaching IG Wrapped strategically will ensure you have an amazing time at this highly-anticipated Instagram event. Use these tips to optimize your experience.

Plan Out Content in Advance

As IG Wrapped nears, take time to comb through your past posts and Stories and curate your own top 9. This makes creating your recap video or gallery stress-free. Schedule some of this content so your followers are primed for your IG Wrapped reveal.

Engage with Brand Partners

Many brands launch special activations and contests during IG Wrapped to engage with creators. Keep an eye out for relevant brand partnerships and opportunities to produce sponsored IG Wrapped content.

Attend Events in the IG Wrapped Hub

In the IG Wrapped digital hub, interactive areas allow you to explore content. Make time to click through portals to check out exhibits and connect with other attendees. This facilitates community and discovery.

Follow Hashtag Discussions

Keep up with hashtag discussions around IG Wrapped themes and topics to stay on the pulse of what is resonating with creators and fans. This informs your own content approach.

Save Your Favorite IG Wrapped Moments

Curate a collection of your favorite IG Wrapped pieces, interactions, and moments. Refer back to this for inspiration and appreciation. You can even reshare next year!

Making the Most of IG Wrapped as a Fan

Beyond creators, IG Wrapped also provides an amazing experience for fans. Use these strategies to get the most out of IG Wrapped as an audience member.

Find Your Favorite Artists

Search IG Wrapped hashtags and the Explore page to discover talented new artists and photographers to follow. IG Wrapped helps showcase emerging creators.

Interact with Creators

Make sure to actively like, comment on, and reshare content from creators you admire during IG Wrapped. This shows your appreciation and support.

Join Community Conversations

Search IG Wrapped hashtags to join in discussions about the event, featured artists, theme reviews and more. Connecting over shared interests breeds community.

Participate in Challenges and Activations

Dive into interactive IG Wrapped challenges and activations that allow you to flex your own creativity and engage with featured work. This makes the event immersive.

Capture Your Own IG Wrapped Recap

While enjoying IG Wrapped galleries and videos, save screenshots or notes of pieces and creators you loved. At the end, create a recap of your own favorites to look back on.


Instagram Wrapped provides an energizing end-of-year celebration of creativity and community. This guide outlines how to optimize your experience whether you are attending as a creator or fan. With preparation, engagement, and participation, you are sure to have an inspiring and memorable time. IG Wrapped allows you to appreciate the impressive work accomplished across a year while excitedly looking ahead to future creative collaborations and growth.

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