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How to Make Friends in College If You’re an Introvert

how to make friends in college

Starting college can be an intimidating experience, especially for introverts. While extroverted students may quickly make a ton of friends by putting themselves out there, making new friends can be challenging for introverts who tend to be more reserved. However, just because you’re introverted doesn’t mean you can’t make meaningful friendships in college. Here are some tips on how to make friends in college if you’re an introvert:

Join Student Organizations

One of the best ways to meet potential friends with common interests is by joining student organizations. Most colleges have tons of clubs and groups focused on various hobbies, causes, academic disciplines, and more. Attend club meetings and events to get to know members in a low-pressure environment. Contributing your thoughts in group discussions and volunteering for club activities are great ways to bond with peers. You’ll be able to make connections over shared passions and goals.

Meet People in Your Major

Fellow students in your academic major make great friends since you already have at least one big thing in common – your field of study. Attend major-specific events and socials, chat with classmates before or after lectures, and form study groups to make connections. Having friends who are going through the same program as you can provide invaluable academic and emotional support. You’ll always have someone to vent to about that difficult professor!

Live On Campus

Living in a dorm or other campus housing significantly expands your social circle. Leave your door open when you’re inside your room to encourage people to stop by and introduce themselves. Accept invitations from dorm-mates to watch a movie or grab a bite to eat. Attend dorm activities and events even if you go by yourself – it’s very likely you’ll meet someone new there. College often brings people from all sorts of backgrounds together under one roof, so keep an open mind when interacting with dorm-mates.

Get a Part-Time Job on College

Working part-time on campus provides regular interactions with the same people, helping you get to know them over time. Fellow student employees make great friends as you bond over shared experiences at your job. Slow periods at work are the perfect time for casual conversations to find common interests. Consider studying together on breaks or grabbing food after shifts. Some colleges also have employee clubs that organize outings and events.

Make Conversation Before and After Class

While you may feel shy starting a conversation with strangers, exchanging a few words before or after class is an easy, low-pressure way to establish connections. Compliment someone’s presentation, compare notes on the lecture, or chat about your expectations for an upcoming exam. If you hit it off with a classmate, suggest continuing the conversation over coffee after class. You’ll also have a familiar face to greet each time you attend that class.

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Making new friends in college may seem intimidating as an introvert, but putting yourself out there in small ways makes a big difference. Explore shared interests through student organizations, jobs, living spaces, and classes. By taking the initiative to engage with peers in comfortable environments, you’ll be able to gradually build meaningful, lasting friendships. There is nothing to shy about, not everyone hates, all are new and same so don’t worry, take a step and go and talk.

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