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How to plan the perfect wedding

How to plan the perfect wedding
How to plan the perfect wedding

For excited brides-to-be, picturing your perfect Pinterest-worthy wedding is so much fun. You want to plan an event filled with beautiful details to totally wow your guests. Carefully crafting a stunning aesthetic wedding takes time, creativity, and thoughtful personalization across all elements. Follow these tips to stylishly design your ceremony, make a fun bachelorette party, create a gorgeous reception, make one-of-a-kind invitations, and add special touches they’ll always remember.

Making a Cohesive Aesthetic Vision for Your Wedding

The first planning step is deciding on a consistent style and mood flowing through every wedding event. This harmony makes all the parts feel customized just for you.

Pick a Color Palette with 2-3 Complementary Shades

Choose 2-3 rich hues that pair well together with your palette. Keep decor, stationery, dresses, flowers, etc. within the same colors for vibrance and cohesion. Consider seasonal shades or colors from your venue.

Select a Style Motif Matching Your Taste

Pick an aesthetic motif encapsulating your personality and taste to guide the creative direction. Pretty examples are modern minimalist, romantic English garden, rustic chic, Gatsby glamour, and boho luxe. This motif will shape all design choices.

Add Decor That Enhances Your Vision

Carefully incorporate lighting, fabrics, greenery, signs, candles, ribbons, lanterns, and other accents bringing your motif to life. Find pieces with charm and romance that fit your aesthetic.

Consider Texture and How Details Feel

Look at not just visual appeal but also how items feel when touched. Luxe fabrics, floral textures, wood, marble, and stone add beauty you can feel.

Designing a Chic Ceremony Backdrop to Wow Guests

Your ceremony decor sets the aesthetic tone for the whole event, so its styling is key.

Drape Dreamy Fabric Behind the Altar

Hanging silk, tulle, or chiffon fabric behind and around the altar makes an utterly magical focal point. Uplighting or dangling flowers boost the ethereal vibe.

Make a Ceremony Arch or Chuppah

A ceremony arch or chuppah decorated with fresh blooms, vines, candles, or fabrics creates a romantic entrance and exit passageway. Match elements to your colors.

Display Special Heirlooms or Handmade Pieces

Showcase treasured heirlooms like your mom’s veil or handmade pottery to add personal meaning. Display your gown for guests to admire.

Showcase Gorgeous Floral Arrangements

Work with your florist to place stunning wreaths, garlands, and flower-filled vases complementing your motif. Line the aisle and accent the altar.

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Planning a Fun Aesthetic Bachelorette Bash

Before the wedding, gather your best gals for the ultimate party filled with beautiful details.

Mail Custom Invitations Aligned to Your Wedding Motif

Opt for suite invites in your colors with foil, glitter, ribbons, or floral designs. Seal with a custom wax stamp.

Book Interactive Stylish Activities

Plan activities matching your flair like flower arranging, perfume making, macaron decorating, or floral crown crafting. Take photos for memories.

Pick a Chic Venue with Character

Host your bachelorette at a scenic winery, lounge with amazing vibes, botanical garden, or boutique hotel that impresses.

Dress to Impress in Complimentary Outfits

Get matching satin robes, custom tanks, and fun props like bridal sashes, personalized hats, or tiaras. Take glam photos as a group.

Designing a Striking Aesthetic Reception Site

At your reception, every detail—from flowers to lighting—should captivate guests with cohesive beauty.

Select a Venue with Gorgeous Backdrops

Consider indoor venues with ornate architectural details or outdoor spots with beautiful gardens, vineyards, or ocean views to complement your vision.

Use Decor to Develop Your Chosen Motif

Use hanging flowers, string lights, lanterns, mirrors, candles, greenery, and draping to transform the site into your aesthetic, whether modern, romantic, rustic, etc.

Pick Table Linens and Chargers in Your Color Scheme

Choose luxe linens, runners, and napkins matching your palette. Add shine with gold, silver, or glass charger plates.

Style the Cake and Desserts Artfully

Display your dramatic cake on an elegantly decorated table or pedestal. Arrange macarons, cream puffs, and artistic candies around it on tiered stands.

Making One-of-a-Kind Wedding Invitations

Your invitations offer a peek into your special day. Custom design stationery exudes charm and luxury.

Work with a Stationer for Completely Personalized Designs

Collaborate with a stationer to create designs fully customized to your motif, colors, and creative vision.

Select Luxe, High-Quality Paper Stocks

Choose specially milled cotton, speckled, thick papers with beautiful texture. Go for letterpress or engraving for added depth.

Make Interactive Invitations with Creative Details

Affix lace, pressed flowers, fabric ribbons, and colored edges. Use cool fonts, calligraphy, and custom wax seals for artistic invites.

Consider 3D Elements

Layer laser-cut shapes, pocket folds, or distinct bases like wood or acrylic for interactive, tactile invitations. Attach little gifts too.

By intensely focusing on aesthetic details across all your wedding events, from the invites to the farewell exit, your guests will be completely wowed by the beauty, charm, and thoughtful personalized touches you designed just for them.

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