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How to Play Workshop Maps In CSGO

How to Play Workshop Maps in csgo

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) has a huge community of players who love to create their own custom maps using the in-game Workshop tool. These player-created maps, called workshop maps, offer new and unique environments to play CS:GO. From intricate obstacle courses to detailed recreations of real-world locations, workshop maps provide endless gameplay variety. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to find and play workshop maps in CS:GO.

What Are Workshop Maps?

The Steam Workshop allows CS:GO players to create their own custom maps and game modes and share them on Steam for other players to download. These player-created maps are known as “workshop maps.” The CS:GO Workshop contains thousands of community maps to choose from, ranging from aim training maps to cooperative zombie modes and everything in between. Workshop maps are an easy way to add fresh new content to your CS:GO experience.

How to Find Workshop Maps

There are a few different methods for browsing and finding workshop maps to play in CS:GO:

Browse the Steam Workshop

  • Open the Steam client on your computer and go to the CS:GO Workshop page. Here you can browse and search through thousands of workshop map submissions.
  • When you find a map that looks interesting, you can subscribe to it with one click. This will automatically download the map and add it to your in-game map list.

In-Game Map Browser

  • You can also search and browse workshop maps directly within CS:GO. Go to the Play menu, choose Workshop, and then pick Workshop Maps.
  • Use the search bar to find maps by name or keywords. Subscribe to any interesting maps you find to download and add them to your map rotation.

Community Recommendations

  • Check out CS:GO forums, Reddit, Youtube videos, etc. to find popular workshop map recommendations from the community. This is a great way to discover the most beloved player-created maps.
  • Search for terms like “best CS:GO workshop maps” to find curated lists and suggestions from prominent CS:GO community members.

How to Play Workshop Maps

Once you’ve subscribed to some workshop maps on Steam, they will automatically download and be available for you to play in CS:GO. Here is how to load up and play workshop maps:

Offline With Bots

  • From the main menu, choose Play > Workshop > Offline with Bots.
  • Pick the workshop map you want from the list to start a match filled with AI bots on the custom map.

Private Match

  • Click Play > Workshop > Workshop Maps. Pick a map and choose Start Private Match.
  • Invite your friends or play solo to explore the map on your own privately.

Online Matchmaking

  • If a workshop map is very popular, some community servers may run matchmaking on that map. This allows you to play user-created maps with other players online.
  • The map must be installed on the community server, so search for ones advertising the custom map in its name or description.

Tips for Playing Workshop Maps

  • When downloading a new workshop map, launch it solo first to fully explore and learn the layout before playing competitively.
  • If having any issues with missing textures, models, or bugs, verify the map’s cache files through Steam to correct them.
  • For obstacle courses, speedruns, and parkour maps, enable sv_cheats 1 and noclip if you want to fly around the map freely to practice.
  • Check the map’s Steam Workshop page for details like author’s notes, background story information, or gameplay tips.
  • Workshop maps are a great way to improve your CS:GO skills – use aim training maps to practice with different guns.
  • Have fun and be creative – the Steam Workshop makes it easy to always have new maps and modes to enjoy in CS:GO.

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Playing user-created workshop maps adds endless variety and replayability to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Following this guide, you can easily find exciting new maps made by the CS:GO community and load them up to play solo, with friends, or even online. The Steam Workshop integration makes it simple to browse, subscribe, and play amazing player-made maps at any time. Start exploring the workshop today to refresh your CS:GO experience with an ever-growing list of custom maps.

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