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Should You Re-Establish Contact After A No Contact Period?

Should You Re-Establish Contact After A No Contact Period

Ending contact with an ex or someone you had a falling out with can be a helpful way to gain perspective and allow emotions to settle. Implementing a period of no contact gives both people space to reflect on the relationship and what went wrong. It also helps diminish feelings of longing or obsession that can occur after a breakup.

However, once the agreed upon no contact period ends, you may be wondering if you should reach out and re-establish contact. There are several factors to consider when deciding if renewing communication is a good idea.

Pros of Re-Establishing Contact

There are some potential benefits to resuming communication after a no contact period:

1. Closure and Clarity

A no contact break can create distance but leave things unresolved. Re-establishing contact gives you a chance to tie up loose ends, ask any unanswered questions, and gain closure. This clarity can provide peace of mind and allow both individuals to fully move forward.

2. Reconnection

Another reason to resume contact is if you want to explore reconnecting. Perhaps the time apart made you realize the relationship is worth saving. Or the break may have given you both perspective and desire to try again. Communicating after no contact allows you to share your feelings and see if the other person is open to reconciliation.

3. Friendship

Even if the relationship can’t be salvaged, you may want to reconnect as friends down the line. Ending the no contact period by reaching out in a polite, casual way can open the door to building a new friendship. This requires letting go of past hurts and approaching each other with openness.

Cons of Re-Establishing Contact

However, there are also some potential downsides of reaching out after a no contact break:

1. Reopening Old Wounds

If the past issues were never fully worked through, resuming communication may just reopen painful wounds. The time apart may not have been long enough for emotions to settle. This could quickly lead to harmful arguments or making matters worse.

2. False Hope

If one person hopes the no contact break will lead to reconciliation, they may be disappointed to learn the other person has moved on. Re-establishing contact before both people have had time to heal could create false hope and more hurt.

3. Regression

In some cases, falling back into old communication patterns could undo progress made during the no contact break. Without proper boundaries, you may slip back into unhealthy dynamics that aren’t good for either person.

Key Considerations

If you are thinking about reaching out after a period of no contact, here are some important considerations:

  • Communication goals – Be clear on what you hope to achieve. Are you looking for closure, friendship, or wanting to get back together? Make sure you are open and honest about your motives.
  • Emotional readiness – Take time to examine your feelings. Have you worked through hurt, anger or resentment? Are you prepared to interact without blaming or lashing out? Don’t rush back into communicating until you’re ready.
  • Their readiness – Gauge if the other person seems open and willing to reconnect. If they don’t seem ready, give more time before trying again. You can’t force reconciliation if one or both of you needs more space.
  • Boundaries/expectations – Set guidelines like meeting in a neutral location, having an agenda, and being prepared to walk away if needed. Manage your expectations and be prepared for any reaction.
  • Future intentions – Consider your ideal outcome. Set goals you both agree to for building a friendship or romantic relationship. Align on intentions before resuming contact.

Tips for Reaching Out

If you’ve weighed the pros and cons and feel ready to reach out, here are some tips to restart communication positively:

  • Be brief, polite and casual to open the door without expectations. A text saying “Hope you’re well. Would you be open to meeting for coffee?” is a gentle start.
  • Meet in a neutral location so neither person feels pressured or trapped. Get together for a short time to take the emotional temperature.
  • Listen more than you speak at the beginning. Allow them to share their perspective first before voicing your own.
  • Take responsibility for past mistakes and apologize without expectations. Express a genuine desire to do things differently going forward.
  • Have an agenda. Knowing what you want to say avoids rambling or unnecessary arguments. Stick to topics of mutual growth and understanding.
  • Don’t make demands or push for more than either party is willing to give. Be prepared to still need more time apart if needed.
  • Keep emotions under control and don’t let old hurts flare up. Be prepared to walk away if things escalate.
  • If attempts to reconnect fail, carefully consider if further contact will do more harm than good in the long run.

In Closing

The end of a no contact period can be a delicate time full of potential. With care, intentionality and openness, it may pave the way to reconciliation or a redefined relationship. However, re-establishing contact also holds risks if done prematurely or without caution.

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Take time to objectively evaluate your motivations and readiness. If both parties are able to approach each other with maturity and restraint, you may be able to turn a painful situation into new understanding.

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