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Spodenet Real or Fake? An In-Depth Investigation

spodenet real or fake

Spodenet has recently emerged as a popular online money-making platform, especially among Nepali internet users. However, there are conflicting reports on whether Spodenet is a legitimate website that helps users earn money online or a scam that dupes innocent people. This article does an in-depth investigation into Spodenet to determine if it is real or fake.

What is Spodenet?

Spodenet claims to be a digital platform that allows users to earn money by buying courses and getting commission from referrals. According to their website, users can choose from three packages – Basic, Professional, and Premium – that give access to money-making courses and tools.

The platform allegedly operates from Kuchaman City in Rajasthan, India. Spodenet promises attractive commissions to users for promoting and selling their packages to others. They claim to already have paid many users lucrative commissions.

Tracing Spodenet’s Origins

There is very limited information available about when Spodenet was launched and who operates it. The website does not provide details about its owners or founders.

Searches reveal that Spodenet operated its first office in Park Plaza in Kuchaman City. However, there are no corporate records or additional digital footprints related to the company.

Spodenet’s social media presence is also sparse. Their Facebook page has under 500 likes while their Instagram account has just over 100 followers. For a company claiming to have paid thousands in commissions, these numbers seem low.

Overall, the lack of verifiable information on Spodenet’s origins raises doubts about its legitimacy.

Spodenet’s Commission Structure

Spodenet offers three packages for users to earn money:

  • Elite: Rs. 3000
  • Silver: Rs. 5000
  • Gold: Rs. 8000

Users must purchase any of these packages to access money-making courses. They can then earn commissions by:

  • Getting direct referrals to buy packages
  • Getting commissions when their direct referrals make sales

The commission rates offered are:

  • 40% commission on Basic package
  • 50% commission on Professional package
  • 60% commission on Premium package

Additionally, users can earn 5% commission when their level 2 referrals make a sale.

This commission structure resembles pyramid schemes or multi-level marketing (MLM) programs. The focus is on making money by recruiting other people rather than selling actual products or services.

Questionable Money-Making Courses

Spodenet does not provide any demo or free trial for people to evaluate their money-making courses before purchasing a package. There are also no reviews or feedback from verified users about the quality and usefulness of these courses.

The names of the courses are generic, such as “Copywriting Masterclass”, “Affiliate Marketing Masterplan”, etc. There are no instructor profiles or details on what these courses include.

Overall, there is no transparency on what users get after investing thousands of rupees to purchase Spodenet’s packages. This is a major red flag.

Absence of Verified Income Claims

Spodenet makes bold claims of having paid lakhs of rupees as commissions to ordinary people. However, there is no independent or verifiable proof of these income claims.

The testimonials on their website are generic and do not have verifiable details. There are no media reports or reviews substantiating the company’s claims of transforming lives through high commissions.

Without proof, such exaggerated income claims are easy to make to attract new users. Lack of evidence supporting their claims increases doubts about Spodenet’s authenticity.

Spodenet Not Available in Nepal

Despite many Nepali users discussing Spodenet online, the platform does not seem to officially operate in Nepal yet. Their website and payment infrastructure only cater to users in India.

Nepali users have reported issues like lack of Nepal-friendly payment options and poor customer support due to language barriers. There are also complaints of delayed commissions and withdrawals for Nepal-based users.

The company’s inability to fully support users from Nepal indicates that their operations may be limited to just India. Their tall claims don’t align with the poor user experience for Nepali users.

Spodenet Reviews: Opinions of Bloggers, YouTubers and Users

Very few independent bloggers, YouTubers, and experts have reviewed Spodenet in detail. Those who have warn people to be cautious of its model and commission structure. Most admit they have no first-hand experience of using the platform.

Some Nepali YouTubers have promoted Spodenet, but these seem like paid promotions with affiliate links rather than unbiased reviews. They only pitch the benefits without discussing potential downsides.

Comments under these YouTube reviews allege that Spodenet does not pay commissions easily. Many users complain of issues in withdrawals and delays in bonus payments after referring others. Overall, there is very little credible evidence online certifying Spodenet’s genuineness.

Spodenet Real or Fake?

Examining all the available information on Spodenet – from its dubious origins and commission structure to lack of income proof and poor support for Nepal-based users – it seems highly probable that it is a fake website or scam.

While the company might pay small commissions initially, it shows all the signs of a pyramid scheme that aims to earn mainly from recruiting fees rather than actual product sales. Users must exercise extreme caution before purchasing Spodenet’s overpriced packages with the aim of earning commissions.

The lack of transparency, verifiable details, and regulatory oversight makes Spodenet a risky platform to engage with. Investing money in their packages in the hope of earning quick riches can result in major losses.

Unless the company provides credible evidence of its legitimacy and long-term viability, it is best for users, especially from Nepal, to avoid Spodenet. There are safer and more ethical alternatives to earn money online.

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Spodenet makes tall claims of helping ordinary people earn lakhs of rupees online easily through lucrative commissions. However, an in-depth investigation reveals several red flags – lack of registered business info, dubious commission structure resembling MLMs, overpriced courses with no demo or reviews, exaggerated income claims without proof, and poor support for Nepali users.

While some users might earn small commissions initially, Spodenet exhibits multiple signs of being a fake or pyramid scheme. Users must exercise extreme caution and avoid investing money in its suspicious packages with unrealistic expectations of high earnings. Safer and more transparent alternatives exist for earning money ethically online.

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